Blogmas December: Slow Mo Saturday

Gabbie came back to Singapore on Friday evening, so Saturday had quite a hard time waking up – same for me as I had a tiring week with the month end close.
We woke up too late till way passed breakfast time. By the time we were ready it was slightly past lunch time.
I went for a super quick Christmas shopping as this week is packed with gift exchanges. I’m still left out with gifts for the kids.
Here’s a look of a tired-us
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Xoxo, Anas

Blogmas December: Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursdays usually are filled with memories. Very nice memories.
This week’s throwback is my first cruise trip with my Secondary School pals after our ‘O’ levels exams. There was a super difficult situation of persuading my parents to allow me to go on this trip as I was the only child and therefore they were more protective over me. After many quarrels and persuasion (even my friends helped me out), I’m finally allowed to go on this adventure.
It was really a memorable experience. A first trip out without my parents at age 17!
This picture was a formal dinner in 1 of the events inside the Superstar Virgo that time. So this was our ‘formal’ wear that time. Hahaha.
It was really a fun trip.
Till the next Throwback Thursday!
Xoxo, Anas

What I Ate Wednesday

Today, I’ll keep it simple. It was a very very very maddness day for me at work. It’s again the month end close for the freaky finance folks, so~~.
Managed to left work on time and got back to have dinner with the folks. After dinner, had a surprise when Dad said “Let’s have ice-cream for dessert.” (which my dad is usually against sweet treats) 
So we had the Family Fondue from Andersens Ice Cream.
It’s nice to end the day with sweetness!
1 more day till Gabbie is back! Can’t wait!
Till tomorrow, or….
Xoxo, Anas

Our Second Wedding Anniversary

It’s our 2nd Wedding Anniversary today! Though 2 years seems short but it has been a long 2 years. A lot of things we went through together and continue to strive one together. Life after marriage is really a whole new ‘thing’. Coming together is easy, holding on together is a long long journey.
It was unforeseen that Gabbie had to be away on 2 important occasion in my life, my birthday and our wedding anniversary. My dear Mummy was so sweet to bought me 2 slice of cake to celebrate our anniversary for me. My mum is really a poker at times! 
 It was a really nice gesture!
I was going through our actual day photos and chose one that I like at this moment. Seeing the picture, makes me remember vividly every moment of the happenings 2 years ago from morning to night. 
At this moment I really can’t wait for Gabbie to be back!
Happy 2 years and many more~~~!!
Xoxo, Anas

First day of Advent & Blogmas December

It’s the 1st day of Advent (which is a start to count down to Christmas Day) and happen to be the 1st of December! Tempted to try a Blogmas this December as I saw some bloggers are attempting to blog every single day! But I shall try to post more often.
As Gabbie is on business trip this week so I’ll have to wait for him to be back before putting up our Christmas tree. Can’t wait for it! And can’t wait to see what “additional” item he bought for the Christmas tree. My mum have the tradition of having one new ornament to add on to the Christmas tree every year. So I want to follow her tradition too.
Spotted a huge misetotle at City Square Mall this afternoon.
Aside from this, Gabbie sent me quite a few pictures of where he is at now. The surroundings really feel so Christmassy! I so wanna teleport myself there too!
Here’s one of the pic. This is in London. So beautiful!
Till tomorrow!
Xoxo, Anas

What I Ate Wednesday and De-Constructed Whot Nots

After two weeks of non existence, it was like living in a hell hole. I hope I’m back again slowly and surely each time.
Let’s get on with my What I Ate Wednesday.
Finally able to get out of the office to lunch with fellow colleagues. And though the weather was treacherously hot, I had a bowl of Tom Yum handmade noodles (the Ban Mian) *Psst, sorry I was too hungry and only took a picture of the ‘finished product’, and after that I had my favourite ‘Bubble Tea’ drink called Woobbee, in Yakult Mango. It was superbly refreshing in this super hot day.
Xtra Dinner
We had our simple dinner and felt that there were gaps to fill to make us really full. So we decided to tear and try the freezed dried food from Mountain House who packed ready meals mainly for people who go camping or hiking trips. So this is quick and ready to serve meals on the go. It’s supposed to serve 1 person but the portion was humongous. The taste was really true to what we ordered. Search YouTube videos to see and know more. Our intention was to get it for holiday trips to replace cup noodles, this would save more space in the luggage. Yea!
Following on, anything can be very random that happen along the past 2 weeks. And I’m trying to piece the memories together.
Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect scramble eggs
2 saturdays ago, I need to work at home so it was a stay home weekend throughout. Gabbie surprised me with the scramble eggs which how i liked it done. It was so conincidentally he caught a video on Gordon Ramsay demostrating on his ‘perfect’ scramble eggs and so Gabbie had to give it a go. Perfectly, we had leftover Portebello murshrooms in the fridge. So there we have it. Not forgetting the toasted bread with butter. If there were cherry tomatoes. Heavenly.
Mum’s homecooked dinner for me
When I told my mum that I could be back for dinner after being super busy for 2 weeks, she was super elated that me and Gabbie will be coming over for dinner last Friday. Needless to say, we wiped out everything that is on the table. I even hold up the pot to drink every drop of soup. Seeing the picture now as I type makes me hungry.
Saturday is restday
Finally last saturday, where all the chaos
was over (for the time being), we did not plan our day and went out
from Morning till Night. Happy that the Saturday wasn’t wasted but we
came home with super sore feet from all the walking and going around
places. Took a Outfit of the Day to be shot while the lift was going down.
Yankee Candle came to town!
Was at Parkway Parade last Saturday, was walking randomly and suddenly passed by this shop that says ‘Yankee Candles’ and I literally just ran into the shop. I caught a glimpese of the boss and his story when I watched the series “Undercover Boss” some time ago. I’m so stucked as to so much effort is put into coming up with the scent and quality of the wax.
Bellabox SG Pinkmeup Instagram contest
After posting pictures of my September Bellabox, I came across the contest in Instagram for the September theme bellabox pinkmeup. Can’t wait to get hold of the gift. Picture credits to Bellabox SG.
It’s gonna be Thursday soon and soon comes the weekend. I can really smell it.
Wish everyone have a good week ahead!
Xoxo, Anas

My Week in Pictures

This week been rough as work approach yet another quarter closing month. I have been active in twitter and instagram but no time for my themed posts. So here is my week in pictures.

Abruptly to mention, I give a try on the Banana Bread which I found a receipe online. I would say it’s delish~~! Would make some revision and give it a try again.

Tipsy Tuesday

Since work been rough, I had my favourite “bubble tea” berverage Woobbee. My favourite drink that I would order is the Yakult Green Tea in Mango with 25% sugar level. Yums!

What I Ate Wednesday

 I don’t know what gone into me on Wednesday but for every meal I was so dead hungry. After dinner, i took out the Arctic Roll from Birds Eye which my grandma used to buy for me. Bought it in Giant when I saw it, and it was a total disappointment. Look how gross it is!

September Bellabox

On a lighter note, I received the September Bellabox upon reaching home that evening. It’s my 2nd box and am happy to find 8 items in the box and the tissue wrapping is in fuchsia pink!! However, at a glance I was a tad disappointed to see the items which I got. I was so hoping to try the Lip Polish which Bellabox SG was raving about in their Facebook page. And having Vaseline?? I could easier find and try it in like Watsons or Guardian. But I’ll definitely try the Australian brand facial scrub and Korean masks.

Throwback Thursday

Was scrolling though my pictures and this picture caught my attention. Though it was not too long ago. It was the causal shoot we had for our Wedding in 2011 and the shoot was in Temasek Polytechnic which was so memorable as it is where we first know each other. This scene in the picture was meant to be part of a storyline which our photographers put together when we told them our love story. But now when I look at it, it gave me a different feel, and suddenly it just hit me that after carrying on after our marriage vows the journey together have been happy but with lots of obstacles. But no matter how hard the hurdles and how many crossroads we might face, we always have each other’s back. It just gives me more strength to carry on. Come What May!

Foodie Friday

Instead of my usual Fashion Friday cum OOTD, I’m show casing Foodie Friday. Gabbie decided to give his try out on whipping up Lasagne as I just suddenly brought it up to him. Look what he did, and dinner was served when I reached home after work. Lasagne layered with minced beef and spinach. It was heavenly! I had 2 servings and went into food coma thereafter.


 I have actually a moodless and moody Saturday but lucky Gabbie is here to cheer me up by acting silly to even try to make me smile. And cooked a super yummy dinner for me earlier on.

Wish everyone had a good Saturday and a good weekend!
Xoxo, Anas